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  • Opening your eyes to the mystery of your existence
  • Learn the sacred triad and master your life
  • Take off your robes and see the magical gift you bring
  • A Reorientation to a Oneness Outlook
  • Blossom into that which you are here to be

Come on in, I-Ntu-You

by Yola Motsieloa

Be reminded to see the exquisite mystery you are, clad in skin hair and bones. Come on in, Your Reason For Being awaits. Dwell in it, Let it clean your seeing eyes, and experience a life of ease!

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Our Approach

We have created the KANSY GOETM triad, a system through which we teach the Oneness Approach to Life.


Our ‘normal’ in the current orientation has been about seeing slices of Life at a time, and getting attached and identified with the slice we see, while the rest of the Whole fades into obscurity in our awareness.


The KANSY GOETM triad introduces an ability to zoom out and allow for the Whole Life Pie to come into view. It brings a different way of being, where the awareness of your connectedness to all, alters how you experience things, how you experience life.

‘A oneness outlook is better for us’.

What We Do

The KANSY Group is the brain child of ‘Oneness Approach’ Teachers, Yolanda Motsieloa and Sechaba Motsieloa. We are passionate about teaching and advising on the Oneness Approach to Life, and we know that it is exactly what our world needs right now. A Oneness Approach to Life is a path of seeing and living from one’s heart centre. It is a total re-orientation that puts everything you know on its head and opens up a world of interconnectedness, a conscious way of life and love-led life experiences. A different way of being. It is the currency for a thriving future of our species and planet.

A radical shift we need to evolve to our better yet to be, an Advanced Humanity. We are shifting to a compassionate world. That’s the good news.

The ‘YOU, you BRING’ Programme

Approaching life from a Oneness Outlook – A Curriculum on Being Present and Awake to the You that you Bring to Spaces You Occupy

The YIIAAY (Yes, It Is All About You) Programme

Approaching life from a Oneness Outlook – ‘Yes, It is All About You’. A Curriculum of Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Life

The KANSY RAYS Programme

Approaching life from a Oneness Outlook – A Youth’s Curriculum to connect each young person to their own unique innate power

Core Principles

    • Oneness
    • Advancing humanity
    • Mind-heart coherence
    • A new way of being, consciously
    • Awakening the innate power within
    • Creating a world that works for us all
    • Our gift is our essence and it belongs to the world

Meet the Founders

Sechaba Motsieloa (CM(SA))

Sechaba Motsieloa (CM(SA))

Founder & Oneness Approach Teacher

Sechaba is a Philanthropreneur & Oneness Approach Teacher who brings a unique approach to business leadership and believes that a Oneness Outlook is Best for us. He passionately brings to business his gifts of communication, leadership and presence. Sechaba’s overarching gift is his ability to detach and step back, connect dots and see a pattern in scenarios that seemed separate and unrelated. He has an astounding ability to see beyond obvious scenarios and is a strong advocate for a holistic approach to being. Sechaba is also an internationally experienced professional in the fields of marketing, branding, communication and reputation management. Throughout his career he has used the gift of a oneness perspective in the various roles he has held.

Sechaba believes that the very point of life is maintaining a coherence between the mind and heart. He, as a result, curates and holds conversations that are contemplative, compassionate, true and emotionally engaging. That is being ALIVE.

Yolanda Motsieloa

Yolanda Motsieloa

Founder & Oneness Approach Teacher

Yolanda has always been intuitive about the connections between the ideas we hold about ourselves, others and life in general, and the way we consciously or unconsciously experience Life. As a molecular scientist by training, she is always trying to connect dots, yet always intuitively knowing that there is something more to what we see. ‘I am more than just what I think I am. The world is not just what I think it is. The confines of that which I am aware of can be pushed and pushed, and more and more comes into view. There is always more than what I am aware of.’ Yolanda understands the distortion that the layers of ideas about self and others cause to the innermost core light that we all are, and has found a fascination with how life shows up differently for all of us, and how that relates to these learned ideas, our ‘robes’.

She works with people to ‘disrobe’ themselves of ideas about themselves that do not serve nor advance them, so they can taste the immensity of their unlimited selves, and to see their connection to All of life.

For over two decades, she has used audio ecosystems as media to connect hearts and minds, teaching a Oneness approach to life, helping people and especially children and youth, see their innate gifts. She teaches one-on-one and groups through audio ecosystems, connecting people to their own purpose, their gift to the world.

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