A great sage once posited that ‘only a tree fulfilled can flower’.

A tree that is nurtured by sunlight, water, air and enriched soil will blossom, no doubt. But that is also because a tree allows the flow of life through it as itself. With all of necessary elements to flower a tree, if the tree doubted its ability to flower, thus blocking the flow of life in it, it would not blossom at all. Trees are amazingly passive, allowing life in all its forms to interact with them and possibly seeing the oneness it has with all of life, it surrenders. In a state of surrender, it allows life to be, through it as it. It says, ‘do as you will, I am but your conduit, dear Life’. And life does just that, it blossoms, because that’s what Life does, when we surrender and allows it to BE.

Everything you need to ‘succeed’ or to be ‘fulfilled’ is already in you. Success and fulfilment dwell in you for their own Expression and resultant Experience of Themselves, in the form of a successful and fulfilled you.

Consciously moving to your centre, your essence, where all of this Dwells allows you to look at Life from a successful and fulfilled point of view. When you live from this vantage point, your experience  is of a successful and fulfilled life. You approach life from the fullness of All you are. You know there is no reason to compete, to demand, to fight, to force or to fear to lose anything. It has always been here. It happens through you.

Once you step into your centre, your awareness of your fulfilment, fulfilment has no choice but to come into your experience.

You then blossom.

You flower.

You BE.

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