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Come on in, I-Ntu-You

by Yola Motsieloa

Be reminded to see the exquisite mystery you are, clad in skin hair and bones. Come on in, Your Reason For Being awaits. Dwell in it, Let it clean your seeing eyes, and experience a life of ease!

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Using the KANSY GOETM triad, we assist individuals to develop their own management decision making framework and leadership capabilities. We work with people in organisations to access their innate genius, their gift.


Our mission is to advance humanity, one human being at a time. An advanced humanity is healthy and prosperous, compassionate and thriving with an expansive and holistic vision.

Our coaching service is based on Approaching Life from a Oneness Outlook. We believe ‘A Oneness Approach is best for Us’ in order to connect to the fullness of our being, and awaken a wiser, kinder and compassionate world, an advanced humanity.

We have created the KANSY GOETM triad through which we teach the Oneness Approach to Life and Business

The ‘YOU, you BRING’ Programme

Approaching life from a Oneness Outlook – A Curriculum on Being Present and Awake to the You that you Bring to Spaces You Occupy

To have a keen awareness of the version of you that you bring to every interaction with yourself and with others in order to interrogate how you show up and how that affects the way you experience life, in all its manifestations.

 ‘Success is in our DNA, it is our divine right. All that is for us to do is to allow it to express itself through and as us. It is already in you. You are its chosen vehicle of expression at this moment’…. Yolanda Motsieloa.

Master yourself  with the ‘YOU you BRING’ Programme  

The YIIAAY (Yes, It Is All About You) Programme

The YIIAAY Programme – Approaching life from a Oneness Outlook – ‘Yes, It is All About You’

 A Curriculum of Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Life

‘To see that Life moves as you move. You are the constant’…..Sechaba Motsieloa

To see the connectedness of All of Life and locate yourself at the centre.

To connect you to your own unique innate power, the GIFT you bring to express and experience in this lifetime

To see from a Oneness Perspective

The KANSY RAYS Programme

The KANSY RAYS PROGRAMME – Approaching life from a Oneness Outlook – A Youth’s Curriculum to connect each young person to their own unique innate power

To see themselves as part of a Whole, and to connect the dots and see that for the Whole to thrive, the parts of it need to work in unison.

To see from a Oneness Perspective.

‘The Gift You are, is a Gift that you and the world are here to experience, and when you express it, you Heal the world’ – Yolanda Motsieloa







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