The advent of Corona that drew us back in.
That banished us from venturing out, if only for a bit.
Stay in, the time called out.
You haven’t been in here for a while. At best your sojourn is brief, never lasting, always fleeting like a panicked breath.
Now please stay.

This is where you are.
You are not out there. You are here.
Take a breath. A pause.
Do you feel your depth? Well, no surprises there, it is deeper than your usual escapades.
Deeper than you’ve dared to fall.

The fall.
That’s your fear!
It is too out of your control. Too risky.
It tells a story of shaky foundations. ‘How can all I have known, all that I have been, be on shaky ground?
A seismic ground that can disintegrate
That can fall.
Oh who am I then, atop a familiar that is now crumbling.
into an unknown abyss.

It is known,
it is you, the you have not dared to face. The you that is now beckoning and bringing you inside.
Gently assuring, that without the noise from outside of you, you will feel the gentle whisper that is lovingly bringing you in, and inner still.

Be still. Hear. See.
Truly hear and see.
Remove the ideas you have held onto of how to be.
Come inside and discover another way to be.
Don’t be afraid.
It may seem new, feel alien, but it really has been here for eternity, always imploring, always asking you in.
The noise from the outside has always buffered the calls. Muffled the loving beckon.

With the noise quietened, the call is crystal.
A clear melodic sound.
Come. Over here. Yes, here.
Oh Be still. Know. I am. I am.
Deeper still.
Immerse in the love you are.
It’s all in here.
You are home.
Thank you for coming.

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