Every moment asks us for compassion.

We can yield to it. Or not.

When we yield to the moment, and bring forth a sense of knowing that there is more to what we see in that moment, we move through layers of light, floating robes into our core, into our light. We make way for compassion to elegantly move through us and to give of itself to the moment, and the moment, whatever it looked like transforms into a softness of love.

Compassion completes a sacred cycle when it responds to the call for it to shine.  Compassion lives in all of us. It waits under a layers and layers of robes, throbbing in its intensity, its only purpose to know, to feel, to express itself. It sits in anticipation, yet patient under the sea of robes unlike itself. Robes of narrow impatience, closed heartedness that have been carefully laid on it throughout its existence.  Like oil to water, the robes are energy incompatible with the core light of compassion and so do not simply dissolve into it, making its light shine even brighter.

They instead float on the surface of compassion’s light, such that the magnanimously loving energy that is compassion shows up slightly distorted on the outside.

Oh these sacred robes!

Compassion pauses, and bows down to the robes, ever grateful for their generosity in allowing for a distorted moment. A sacred moment that brings an opportunity for compassion to exercise compassion by expressing itself, so it feels compassionate.

A sacred cycle of Life.


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