The world is always asking for just one thing. Ever. For us to Love. That’s it! Yet what a difficult task! There’s clearly people and situations that are easy to love, and so we do, joyfully. We go in full throttle and give our very selves to the moments with these loves. They give us good practice on how to BE love. As if their pact with us is to train us and give us a memory of how it feels to surrender to the love light in us. We feel giddy and dreamy and mushy and all the edges and ridges of human life yield to the sweet molten flow of love that envelops everything into its beauty and magic.

Then there are those, both people and the circumstances, that are so so difficult to yield to. They ‘make it hard’ not to judge, not to feel indignant, or right, or smug, or angry, or disappointed, or bitter. They wipe the dream right off our faces. They do. The very ones that Life so unrepentantly and stubbornly throws in our perfect paths, like thorns on an otherwise magnificent rosebush.

Oh Life and its ways! You’d think we owe it something! It really does a glorious mess in its insistence on keeping our heads above the clouds. All because it wants Love to flow, to reign. It asks and it begs through all kinds of people and sticky situations. Pause, take another look, remember how it feels to love. I need that now. You need it. Take the leap of growth, a leap of evolution. Your love is needed here, by everyone, and mostly by YOU. Your love needs to flow. Your joy depends on it. Your very survival as a thriving, happy, peace-sign throwing being depends on it. The song says it all, love is the answer, whatever the question! Remember those memes, ‘you had only one job to do’..well yours is to Love, no questions asked. The hard-to-love and easy-to-condemn need love to soften and make them loveable and acceptable to you.

So what on earth is this love anyway? It surely isn’t the Mills and Boon kind, as exciting as that can be, nor is it the bartering kind, where I make you happy and you, me, as ok as that is.

This is the all-seeing love. All-awake and all-aware kind of love. This is the one you intend when you plant your name in your parents hearts when you are born. To remind you to yield to. So you can gift the world your love through embodying your name. Your name points to the unique way you have chosen to love.
This love is giving with no desire for a return. The return is in its expression.

Let your love flow, direct it to you first, be your joy, your place of comfort, deepen your gratitude for your own self. You are the one you need. When you see this, you fall in love. You yield to you. Then there’s no need for anyone’s involvement. You let them off the hook. They don’t need to be anything other than what they are being. They are free to be who they are when you know the joy you seek is yours to give. The peace and love you need is yours to provide. Look to you. Then everyone else becomes just so loveable.

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